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2015 sea louse outbreak

The spring of 2015 saw a resurgence of sea louse parasites on juvenile pink and chum salmon in the Broughton Archipelago of BC.  Weekly monitoring conducted at Salmon Coast Field Station picked up the high infestation rates early in the … Continue reading

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Paper on salmon food-web dynamics

Steph Peacock, Martin Krkosek, Mark Lewis, and I just had a paper published about parasites affecting predator-prey relationships: “Parasitism and food web dynamics of juvenile Pacific salmon.” In multi-host systems, parasites may mediate food web dynamics with unexpected outcomes for … Continue reading

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New paper on generational spreading speed

Mark Lewis, Mike Neubert, Martin Krkosek, and I have just published a paper, “Generational spreading speed and the dynamics of population range expansion,” that details a novel approach to the analysis of species (re)colonisation. Our approach offers deeper insight and … Continue reading

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